There are different qualities and categories in the world of saffron which vary depending on its appearance, preparation and chemical values: Saffron Thread, Saffron Coupé, Cut Saffron, Ground Saffron. The categories are defined in accordance with Spanish law as Selecto, Rio and Sierra and according to international standards such as Categories I, II and III. There are also other significant differences in quality, which are related to the place of origin, such as La Mancha saffron, with its Protected Denomination of Origin and Certified Ecological Saffron, which are gaining ground in the international market with added values compared to other saffrons.

CEAE | Compañía exportadora de azafrán desde 1904


CEAE | Azafrán Granel

High quality varieties


This is saffron in its natural state, as prepared by the farmer. Each thread has a stigma and a style. The variation in the stigma length and style give us the different categories.


These are threads detached from the style. By means of an elaborate and delicate process, we obtain only the red part of the thread, where all the active principles of saffron are concentrated. This is the best of saffron.


These are cut threads with a size greater than 0.8 mm. Highly prized in some consumer countries as it is easily soluble when added to different recipes whilst conserving the visible part of the thread.


This is the result of grinding the threads. This has the greatest solubility, instantly adding the properties of saffron, its aroma, colour and flavour, to our dishes.


CEAE | Azafrán Granel

Our great value

At CEAE, we have always actively supported any form of initiative aimed at improving both cultivation and the product as well as its marketing by participating in different national and international projects.

We also work alongside other companies in the sector, universities, standards organisations and state bodies on both a financial level and in work technique groups.


  • The management of Food Quality and Safety as basic principles of the company, establishing and developing a system that is based on IFS and BRC Standards.
  • Compliance with the obligation to produce safe and legal foodstuffs.
  • Determination to satisfy and improve the expectations of our customers, through the compliance of both the requirements established by the customer and those of the product itself, which includes are legal and regulatory requirements.
  • A commitment to ethical practices and transparency in our business conduct.
  • A commitment to the development of the activity which respects and protects the environment.
  • A commitment to the health and safety, and professional and human development of employees.
  • A commitment to social development, as well as the creation of value, growth and operational excellence.
  • Continuous improvement of our processes, products and services, and subsequently the efficiency of the Food Quality and Safety System.


C.E.A.E. was the first company in Spain producing ecological saffron. We dispose of our own production and we also count on certified farmers.


Worldwide Standard that ensures the food safety of the product in each and every one of the processes carried out at the company. These are a series of technical standards with the objective of ensuring compliance with the legal provisions and consumer protection by offering a harmless and quality product. This is based on hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) and a firm commitment by the company's management team in achieving these objectives.


Saffron with characteristics typical of the area of production, La Mancha, which has historically produced the best saffron in the world, this being due to its close ties with the natural, human, cultural and historic factors of the geographic region. This certification, under the auspices of the Regulatory Board for Saffron from La Mancha, guarantees the origin and only certified operators may sell this saffron.