Since its creation, CEAE has carried out and maintains a firm commitment to the food quality and safety of the saffron it prepares, packages and markets.

In order to do this, the Management of CEAE asks that all personnel look for continuous improvement in their day to day work, thus collaborating so that the Food Quality and Safety System is effective. In this manner we obtain greater recognition for our work and efforts through higher customer satisfaction and the international recognition of the quality of our products.

CEAE | Compañía exportadora de azafrán desde 1904

Our facilities, which were completely renovated in 2007, have separate areas for the receipt of goods and for the different preparation and packaging processes. These also include a laboratory equipped to be able to perform the routine quality checks. The packaging machinery is equipped to adapt to the different formats. We also have auxiliary warehouses in industrial areas which allow us to improve our operational capacity.


CEAE | Azafrán Granel


CEAE | Azafrán Granel


CEAE | Azafrán Granel